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When facing an unplanned pregnancy you deserve to know all the information regarding any potential medical procedure and be empowered to make the best decision for you and your health. 

Like any other serious medical procedure, abortion should be considered carefully for known side effects, complications and long term implications.

Considering an abortion? Call or text us we are here for you – no pressure, no judgment!

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Types of Abortion

Vacuum Aspiration

This surgical abortion is done early in the pregnancy up until 13 weeks after the woman’s last menstrual period. The cervical muscle is stretched with dilators (metal rods) until the opening is wide enough to allow the abortion instruments to pass into the uterus. Tubing is inserted into the uterus, attached to a suction machine and the fetus is suctioned out.

Dilation and Evacuation (D&E 13 weeks to 24 weeks)

This surgical procedure is done 13 weeks from the last menstrual period and above. In this procedure, the doctor opens the cervix with a dilator (a metal rod) or laminaria (thin sticks derived from plants and inserted several hours before the procedure). The doctor inserts tubing into the uterus and connects the tubing to a suction machine. Forceps are used to pull fetal parts out through the cervix. Sometimes the doctor may use a curette, a loop-shaped knife, or suction to remove any remaining tissue or blood clots from the uterus.

Dilation and Evacuation (D&E 24 weeks and up)

This procedure is done from 24 weeks and up, and takes two to three days. Lethal injections may be given to stop the fetal heart. The cervix is softened and dilated for 3 days prior using laminaria and vaginal medication. General anesthesia may be used if available or IV sedation and local anesthetic may be given. Surgical instruments are used to grasp and pull fetal parts out through the open cervix.

It’s your right

Your health is important. You deserve all the information you need to make the best decision for your body.

Contact Abortion Gaithersburg to schedule a no pressure medical grade pregnancy test and ultrasound. The ultrasound will determine the gestational age and viability of your pregnancy. During that time we can help provide any information and facts you need regarding all your options. All at no cost to you.

* Abortion Gaithersburg does not perform or refer for abortion.

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Answers To Common Questions

Making an appointment is a great way to ensure that you can be seen at a time convenient for you. We do accept walk-ins, provided that a counselor is available.
We recommend you make an appointment if you think you are pregnant, have missed your period, or have pregnancy related questions.
You will meet with a trained counselor to go over your information and a pregnancy test will be performed. With a positive pregnancy test, we can then set up an appointment for an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and its viability.
All our services are provided free of charge.
We absolutely understand the comfort of bringing a loved one with you to your appointment. You’re welcome to bring your boyfriend, family member or friend with you.
We adhere to a strict privacy and confidentiality policy. Clients will be protected from disclosure of information that violates their right to privacy except where required by law.


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